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City of St. Ignace Facilities

American Legion Memorial Park

        200 N State St

Central City Double Tennis Courts

        Corner of E. Truckey St and Chambers St

Chief Wawatam Park & Lighthouse

        251 N State St


Conner's Park

        322 N State St


Huron Boardwalk

        452 N State St

Kiwanis Beach

        500 N State St

Lake Street Basketball Court

        Corner of Lake St and La Motte St

Little Bear East Arena

        275 Marquette St

Little Bear Park

        275 Marquette St


McCann Athletic Field

         Corner of McCann St and Dickinson St


St Anthony's Pocket Park

        396 N State St


Surrounding Area Facilities

Bevort Beach on Lake Michigan

Doc Holle's Silver Mountain Ski Area

         W 1931 Cheeseman Rd

         St Igance, MI

Hiawatha National Forest

Mackinac Bridge and Bridge View Park

        Boulevard Dr, St Ignace, MI 49781

Marquette Mission Park

Lake Michigan Sand Dunes

St. Helena Island Nature Preserve

         4901 Helen Island

         St. Ignace, MI

St. Ignace Golf & Country Club

         W223 U.S. 2
         St. Ignace, MI

St. Ignace Welcome Center


Straits State Park

         720 Church St

         St Igance, MI


Straits Underwater Preserve

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